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by JosephS
Tue Feb 20, 2024 4:18 pm
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Re: B3 spares

Hi folks, just picked up this B3 and I wonder if anyone knows how hard it is to get things like shock shafts ect? Hoping to run her (indoor only) just not at the expense of not being able to get any spares I might break if I do. TIA. It's one of the easiest cars to get parts for. A few clones of th...
by Lowgear
Thu Mar 14, 2024 8:00 pm
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Re: The Official "What is it?" Thread

Yeah, unfortunately a lot of the old motors were the same on the outside with only the armatures changing. The only way to identify the specs in those cases is to take them apart to inspect the armature. I wouldn't do that on nice motors though as you risk marring them. We have an extensive guide th...
by juicedcoupe
Sun Mar 17, 2024 9:11 pm
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Re: brushless upgrade

This should get you close. It's from the B5 manual but both have the same gear ratio transmission.
by mikea96
Sat Mar 23, 2024 5:50 pm
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Re: B4 brushless install

That is my only complaint about the hobbywing justock esc is that it is to big, but it is a great esc other than that.