Silicone Conformal Coating

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Silicone Conformal Coating

Post by kiohio » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:25 pm

Has anyone here used this before?
It is supposed to be used on circuit boards and other electronic things to waterproof them.
I read about quite a few folks using it with good results.
After the submersion of one of my runners, I decided I better make sure my nicer cars' rx was protected.
It is a Futaba R203gf, that has never been submerged. I gently pulled it apart, coated it, let it dry and reassembled.
Now it doesn't work, it will flash, but when I push the bind button the light just goes out and won't bind.
I made sure to just coat the base of the pins and the rest of the board.
Does anyone know what I may have done wrong? Other than at this point the fact I used the coating LOL
Thank you,

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