Undervalued RC Vehicles?

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Re: Undervalued RC Vehicles?

Post by mikedealer »

i think traxxas has a lot of vintage undervalued cars, same thing with losi's, both of them just dont seem to be as "collectible" as like a tamiya or a rc10.

yokomo's sometimes come up with a decent car on ebay for the $100-125 price tag that just need a few things to get them running.

i think at this point in time though, with all the message boards and tamiyaclub's and galleries etc, any "vintage" car is going to sell now with at least more than 2 bidders on the item.. just the nature of the beast now...

its all about finding a good undervalued deal on a car..

places i look typically are ebay obviously, www.searchallcraigs.com (craigslist nationwide search), ebay.de, ebay.co.uk, hobbytalk.com, and sometimes at swap meets/flea markets, although i have yet to find ANYTHING decent at a flea market to date lol.

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Re: Undervalued RC Vehicles?

Post by RedScampi »

I think Mike hit it. With time, a lot of the less prized cars are going to become more desirable as more and more of the RC10s, old Tamiyas etc are snapped up by collectors. There is not an infinite supply, and just like the real car hobby, people will turn to other models as the most desirable stuff becomes unobtainable for the average joe. I have several of the cars mentioned in this thread so i can always hope so anyway!

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Re: Undervalued RC Vehicles?

Post by mikedealer »

definetly true, collectors are turning to other cars once they get sick of one, or just have too many. myself, i had too many rc10's, and got bored with them. dont get me wrong, i love the rc10 but dont want to hoard them to no end lol. ill still bid on one now if it comes along, it has rare parts, a cheap buy it now, or something really radical. but im not bidding on gold pans/team cars stock anymore lol.

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Re: Undervalued RC Vehicles?

Post by Mr. ED »

I thought of the radicator in the first place as a vintage racer. It's a true underdog which was under-valued back then already.
And now I'm going to pick up a killer academy...

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Re: Undervalued RC Vehicles?

Post by Erich Reichert »

I think the Worlds Scale MRC stuff is undervalued. Seems like rc10 and Losi both had their hay days of high value but those Worlds Scales just never really got theres i think

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Re: Undervalued RC Vehicles?

Post by purpletimbo »

Some wrold scalers owners value them high, but as they never sell, not many non owners do, shame as I really like them, well shame if I wanted to sell mine, good if I wanted to increase the collection.

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