Post All Soda Body Paint Jobs

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Re: Post All Soda Body Paint Jobs

Post by LowClassCC »

here's one way.

mine i just made the basic mold out of wood and cut and slipped the 2 ltr bottle over the mold. then i took my heat gun and shrank the bottle like shrink wrap. once it was done i cut the bottom side of the bottle and sipped the mold out. then just trim the body to fit. wash. mask, and paint. i plan to make a box to place my bottle covered mold into later on like shown in the link above. but for now i'm doing without it.

hardest part about painting imo is the lack of lines. no cut lines. no window lines. i trimmed out some window masks using a set of b4 masks as a template. but you can go as wild as you want with it.

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Re: Post All Soda Body Paint Jobs

Post by treehugger »

cool like i think i wont be trying to make my double wing for my lazer but i will try a body for my tf2 it seems the car eats bodys ..or the driver cant drive

cool thread

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Re: Post All Soda Body Paint Jobs

Post by Seabass »

Thanks for posting the instructions. I won't be doing this anytime soon but maybe one day.


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Re: Post All Soda Body Paint Jobs

Post by dldiaz »

aconsola wrote:there is a story behind that car:

Wow!!! I'm glad to know there is such history behind this car... I am the current owner, sans the soda body and electronics (cheers! aconsola).

The rest of the chassis is pretty much the same as seen in the thread linked above - holes drilled everywhere, funky orange dyed parts, etc.

It is a great runner, I shall post on it in the not-to-distant future!

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