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Help me pls

Post by edrick.widjaja »

Can anyone help me for a optima mid Kyosho

My question is the optima mid has 3 different models the SE, turbo and the normal one and can they interchange parts

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Re: Help me pls

Post by NomadRacer »

I don't know about the Optima. I'm sure someone will come along to help you. Patience grasshopper :wink:
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Re: Help me pls

Post by Wahrsuul »

Pretty much all of the parts for the Mids will interchange... Mostly the models are all the same, just that the "higher end" ones come with hop ups. Even with the long wheel base models will mostly interchange with the shorter ones, except for the belts and covers.

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Re: Help me pls

Post by Basher67 »

I think you will find the most knowledgeable and helpful people around here that will be happy to help you with your vintage Kyosho car, however, this is not facebook, or an instant gratification center for your questions. This is a community of like minded folks who pass through from daily to weekly to read and chat online. You will get the best results around here by #1---Fill out your profile a little bit so we have an idea of who we're talking to. #2---Go to the welcome center and introduce yourself. #3---As the subject of your post, maybe try something like, "Help with Optima Mid Parts Interchange". #4---Have patience. Not everyone is on the forum daily. It may take up to a week to get a reply from someone. I don't post this to be negative towards you, but rather to help you become a member of the community here. When I built my Turbo Optima Mid SE last year, I received a great amount of help and advice that made my project successful. You will find the greatest wealth of knowledge and experience on vintage rc in this forum. Hope this helps you get adjusted around here and be able to enjoy the forum more as well as benefit from knowledge of other members.

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Re: Help me pls

Post by Coelacanth »

Thanks for creating this topic, it's a more appropriate and easy way to get answers and advice than using the "chat" section on the front page.

I built a resto-modded Turbo Optima Mid SE and I believe all of the short wheelbase (SWB) Optima Mid parts will interchange. For obvious reasons, certain parts between the LWB version won't fit, because the chassis is longer and wheels are farther apart...this would probably mean the belt, belt covers, body and such will be different between LWB and SWB Mid versions.

As long as you get parts for any of the SWB Mid variants, I would imagine they should all interchange amongst each other.
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