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Re: - 4wd Custom Works Dominator -

Post by Dr. Robotnik »

Acetone should be fine on plastic parts...always check a disposable test piece first though.

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Re: - 4wd Custom Works Dominator -

Post by bscotti »

be very careful with Acetone on old plastic parts. I soaked a Yokomo front diff cover to remove some old super glue and was amazed (and disgusted) to find that the plastic had dissolved!
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Re: - 4wd Custom Works Dominator -

Post by Asso_man! »

Yeah, don't worry, I'll be sure to test it on a used part, I think I have plenty of them :lol:
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Re: - 4wd Custom Works Dominator -

Post by scr8p »

david, one of my lhs has quite a bit of nip white dominator parts. if your interested, i'll see what's all there next time i go.

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Re: - 4wd Custom Works Dominator -

Post by MelvinsArmy »

Amazing find! Those cars were called "The Dominator" for good reason. I was a 2wd lowered and converted buggy oval racer in the early nineties. One day a guy showed up to the track with a Dominator. It was like a rocket ship on rails compared to the hooked up 2wd's that ran every week. It was amazing. It was truly AWESOME to see. People use the word awesome a lot to describe stuff. The Dominator really was an AWESOME machine. Hold on to that gem. 8)

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