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Re: Spare Parts, BAJA - 10

Post by Qballll »

The back shock I did put shock limiters inside the shocks. The rears body hits at the same time the shocks bottom out. I do have the body mounted with velcro along the sides so the body could be pulled up. I wouldn't say it looks goofy, but makes it look like it should be a 4X4.
I'll up-date this agian when I get a chance to run it on the beach, (Lake Michigan) might be next year if it doesn't warm up!

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Re: Spare Parts, BAJA - 10

Post by Mr. ED »

Just like the 1:1 ones you should take away a bit of the fenders so the wheel can travel further without interfering with the body.

I had my parma body for ages and it had started to crack in some places where the fenders angle into the main body. So I cut them off completely when I went back from using it on a stadium truck to normal buggy size. Now the tires got plenty room to travel :mrgreen:

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Re: Spare Parts, BAJA - 10

Post by Rizzo »

Heres some more paint scheme ideas for u.

U will have to trim the arches a little , I had to on my RC10 as I wanted the body quite low so as to hide the chassis for some more realism, strangley enough it helps the handling having the body as low as possible. If u want to run modern 2.2 inch wheels & tyres the guards need to be trimmed.
paintschemes (1).JPG
paintschemes (2).JPG
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