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There was once a small group of ClodTalk members who were very enthusiastic about discussing the various RC10 models of yesteryear, but with ClodTalk being centered around R/C monster trucks, it was far from the ideal place. After discussing a solution, it was decided in 2006 that the best course of action was to give these members their own separate website dedicated solely to the legendary RC10. Thus RC10Talk was born!

With many years of hard work and dedication by all parties involved, RC10Talk has grown to become the net's largest vintage R/C community. The term 'vintage' is subjective, but for ease of communication, we use it to denote any model produced prior to the year 2000. There's some inevitable overlap but that is the agreed upon cutoff date.

Although the RC10 is still a major focus for us to this day, RC10Talk has long since surpassed its humble beginnings. It quickly morphed into accompanying all forms of vintage R/C. This progression caused RC10Talk to even outgrow its very name. An alternative that wouldn't pigeonhole itself into any one category had to be implemented, and that's where UltraRC came into play. Since being registered in 2005, it acts as a secondary means of identifying us. Perhaps one day in the future, it will take over as our primary identity.

Whether it be air, marine, or land based models from the '90s '80s '70s and earlier, we're eager to discuss them in depth, and archive their history.

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