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G'day Guys,
My name is Luke and I live in Perth in Western Australia, Im a long time RC nut and have a small collection of AE cars, I stumbled upon this forum after deciding to restore my Stealth Team Car that i purcacshed in the US when i was holidaying as a teenager back in 1994

Im trying to lay my hands on a few bits and piece to complete my build up, as i have most of the original car but as you are all aware some bits are nigh on impossible to find (motor plates/ motor plate spacers anyone??)

I currently have the following car from AE
2 stealth team cars,(1 90% complete, 1 missing a trans)
1 gold tub 6 gear and 1 Black Tub 6 gear with 6 gear and stealth trans mountings RC10's(both complete, just requiering rebuilds)
A original RC10gt ( one of my favs, has bee a fantastic car over the last 15 years with very little issues)
A T3, Great truck but lacks the character of the old girls.
And a TC3 and NTC

I also collect Vintage tamiya and my small collection includes a Dyna Blaster (new built) a Dyna Storm (good runner) and Monster Hilux (also new built) and a Repo Top Force, Im always on the look out for a Tope Force Evo but they are like rocking horse manure.

I relise that most of my cars don't qualify as Vintage to some of the senior members here but to a child of the 90's they are.... :D

I will get some pic's up soon of my Rc10's and the Rebuild my My Team Car, I hope to also rebuild the other stealth team car i have in the future if i can source all the bits i need


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Re: Introduction

Post by burnsmonkey »

Hey Luke, welcome aboard. You found a great site with a bunch of great people with a lot ideas when you need them. Im sure you will be addicted to this site as much as the RC cars.


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Re: Introduction

Post by rc10johnny »

You could not ask for a better bunch of guys, just like I found out. JohnnySr

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