RIP Brian Kinwald

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by Lonestar »

Godspeed, Dirtinator. Thanks for all you did for the hobby and congrats for doing it in such conditions. You will be missed.

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by Asso_man! »

I was also shocked when I saw the news. The legend lives though. RIP Dirtinator you contributed so much to this hobby carrying great values and tough obstinacy!
I'll now cherish even more this rare little REEDY gem bearing its legendary initials.
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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by BAD454SS »

Although I never met Brian personally , i followed him through the years in Magazines and watched him turn some laps at the track here in Chandler recently . They have a 1993 Worlds replica at that track on display signed by him . Godspeed
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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by NomadRacer »

RIP, Dirtinator. You have made a huge impact on the hobby.
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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by LoboNYC »

This is definitely sad news.

As many here, i didnt know him personally but knew of him via RC Car Action magazine.

Rest in Peace Brian :cry:

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by KidAgain »

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by hawgfanman »

Rest in peace Brian. :cry:

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by GeneralZod »

Such sad news...I grew up reading all about him and his success over the years. From what I gather, he was a pretty amazing and helpful guy.

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by RABIDFOX50 »

Very sad indeed. I heard he had multiple medical issues but do we know any specifics on his passing? He was only three years younger than me. :(

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by TOLITS »

Rest in Peace Brian "The Dirtinator" Kinwald, sad to hear the passing of an R/C Champ legend.

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by V12 »

I saw the bad news but just found this thread.
Meet him personally at the 1996 Onroad Worlds at the Trinity pits. Very calm and nice guy. Maybe have left photos.
RIP Brian

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by V12 »

Found photo of Brian at the Trinity pits where we were pitting too. Brian working at his 1/10 scale prototype, At the right side Neil McCurdy working on motors.
Just a quick picture taken of old analog photo so not perfect. Sorry.

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Re: RIP Brian Kinwald

Post by jamin »

Really late to the party on this one (I'm out of the RC scene nowadays) but found out today when I was looking at the TLR 22 5.0 Kit - on the front of the box it says 'In memory of Brian Kinwald'. Really nice touch, such a icon in RC racing.

Really sad to hear this, what a guy, and I watched him win his first world championship over here in England in 1993.

I'm very tempted to grab that new kit to go along side my XX Kinwald....

RIP Brian

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