Getting back in... rear hub carriers / CVDs

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Getting back in... rear hub carriers / CVDs

Post by galaxie292 »

Hey everyone. Just another "dug out my car for the first time since I was 15" guy here, getting back into things. It's an RC10T. First off, thanks for all the great info here. I've been digging for days getting myself back up to speed. I think I've been able to figure out most of what I need, but have a couple questions. (and want to make sure I'm non the right track.)

My truck is not in great shape, as I scavenged some parts in college for a design project and have subsequently lost those pieces. One of the pieces I seem to be having a hard time finding is white rear hub carriers. I think I found some black ones (assume these will work?) but it's not preferred. If I have to go with a non-stock option, I'd rather go with aluminum pieces so it at least looks like an upgrade over just non-matching plastic... but I haven't seen any I'm confident will fit. Anyone have a line of some?

The other piece I need are CDV's. I only have one of my old MIP's, which is painful seeing how much they are now. I do have my old (i think stock?) universals I can throw in just to get it running, but they aren't in great shape. Is there a reasonable CVD option out there? I don't care about changing to 3/16 wheels... I'm fine using my old wheels and grabbing some new tires someplace. They seem readily available.

I've of course going to tear things down to clean it all up and get it back together. I've seen the Avid bearing kit - assuming that includes wheel bearings and stealth tranny bearings?

As far as electronics, I plan on staying brushed, going with a Quicrun 1060, flysky gtb3, and an Ovonics 2s 4600 shorty. I was never a racer; just a "fun in the yard" kid... so my goal is to just get it back running and have some fun. If I get bit by the bug again after that, maybe I'll start actually upgrading. (And spread out the costs so I don't get side-eye from the wife.)

Thanks in advance for any info / thoughts. (also, does anyone know much about this old Maxtec I was running? does "15D" on the case mean it's a 15-turn?)





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Re: Getting back in... rear hub carriers / CVDs

Post by juicedcoupe »

RC10 buggy carriers will work as well. They use a different bearing and the geometry is a little different.

Regular dog bones and axles are probably the most readily available thing, not that they are cheap.

The motor is a 15 turn double, or 15X2. Two strands of wire, wrapped fifteen times around each armature slot.
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