Happy Birthday Klavy!

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Happy Birthday Klavy!

Post by PBR Allstar »

Saw it on FaceBook, thought it was a good reason to come make my yearly 10talk post!

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Re: Happy Birthday Klavy!

Post by mikea96 »

Happy birthday Todd!!

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Re: Happy Birthday Klavy!

Post by TRX-1-3 »

Happy Birthday! Although you are probably not as excited as you were when you turned 16 or 18 or say 21.....But, Happy Birthday!!! :D
Hope you're doin' something fun.

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Re: Happy Birthday Klavy!


Happy Birthday Todd! 8)
"The world looks so much better through beer goggles: Enjoy today, you never know what tomorrow may bring."

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Re: Happy Birthday Klavy!

Post by Coelacanth »

Cheers to you, Todd...I'll tip back a brew in your honor tonight!
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Re: Happy Birthday Klavy!

Post by klavy69 »

Thanx guys!

Yeah, just another day in a tired life. :wink:

16 was pry the best but had been driving for a couple years actually by the time I was legal so it was just a technicality :)
21 was ok too but got chewed out by the bar I frequented cuz he'd been giving me birthday drinks for pry 5 years by that time so it was just a technicality :P

pry best birthday was in 2002 when I hung out with my daughter BEFORE she could agrivate me...she was 8 months old then...

my most surprised one though was in 2011 when my cyber family hit me up on the best forum in the world and every year it showed up after that...because I thought I had my birthdate private :lol:

Thanx again guys! 8)
Peace and professionlism.....Kabunga signing off!!!

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Re: Happy Birthday Klavy!

Post by RC10th »

I was old school - when old school wasn't cool !

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Re: Happy Birthday Klavy!

Post by Dadio »

Happy birthday feller !
If a jobs not worth doing then its certainly not worth doing well.
A problem shared is a problem halved but an advantage shared is no advantage at all.

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