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Kyosho Circuit 20 Extra - Racing Baja (3045)

Post by RothbauerGmbH »

If we all step back and remember what it was exactly that made R/C so immediately fascinating, most of us would probably say it was a level of realism involved. Both Kyosho & Tamiya gave us the chance to feel what real racing was all about, but it’s much more affordable and a lot less dangerous. That is until the arrive of the Team Associated RC-10 which changed R/C racing into a more serious competitive hobby.

Kyosho Racing Baja Circuit 20 Extra: Differential gear built-in, ultra lightweight with strong chassis, HI-Speed jump and running, excellent maneuverability along a rugged course, perfect mechanical design for off-road race.

The first differential (adjustable with thrust balls) gear for improved handling installed into a 1/8 scale buggy. Cornering characteristics are remarkably improved. wider wheel tread then existing circuit series. Partial roll cage over driver connected to lexan body for superior styling and weight reduction. light and strong ladder frame made from 7 mm aluminum square bar was chosen from that used on previous Rowdy Baja, key parts such as suspension system, chassis, and gearbox are interchangeable with those of the circuit series. Engine size .19~.21

Here we will restore and relive the glory of the Kyosho Racing Baja as I experienced it at a time when it was all brand new back in 1983. In order to reach a broader interest I thought RC10 Talk would be a great addition. Stay tune when the flag goes down for our first Circuit 20 Vintage 1/8 scale race.

Restoration of Racing Baja (3045)

YouTube Channel - Vintage R/C Racing

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Re: Kyosho Circuit 20 Extra - Racing Baja (3045)

Post by Dadio »

Welcome, great first post!
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Re: Kyosho Circuit 20 Extra - Racing Baja (3045)

Post by RothbauerGmbH »

April 22, 2023 (Bee R/C Raceway, TX - USA) There are so many interesting storylines this year, get up to speed with everything you need to know about 2023's Vintage R/C 1/8 Scale pre-season testing session - which took place at Private R/C Racetrack with Team Drivers, Track Length: 540' (165 meters) length 10 turn race course with crossover jump.
1983 Kyosho Racing Baja: Warm Up, Practice Laps - In Action on Track! & Enya Sound!

Alive after 40 Years! 40th Anniversary of their legendary Racing Baja Circuit 20 Extra is proving to be a true winner!

Röthbauer GmbH with some practice video testing his original 1983 Kyosho 1/8th Nitro buggy [Circuit 20 Extra Nr. 3045]. Took over a year to track down all the required parts arriving from all over the globe to bring this 40 year old vintage nitro back to life!

YouTube Video: Vintage R/C - 1983 Kyosho Racing Baja - Pre-Season Testing


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