creating a "Wanted RC thread" (a better way?)

When it's R/C related, but doesn't fit anyplace else.

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creating a "Wanted RC thread" (a better way?)

Post by TokyoProf »

The navigation in the wanted section is something to be desired. The section seems very underutilized--especially for this community. Having a thread to easily see what people need or want with fewer posts and requires less clicks may be a better way. My thinking now is that it might be better to have a post ("Wanted RC thread") for now, before having more specific thread later (ie Wanted Tamiya thread) in each section. Your thoughts are welcome.

I would suggest three things to a "Wanted thread" post outside of the current wanted section.

1) Only people who are looking/wanting an item should post. No replies. Just a clean wanted thread only.
2) If someone has a need, and you have the item, you should contact them directly through private messages.
3) If you no longer have a need for the item modify your post and indicate so.
4) No need to list prices (just a thread to know what people are looking for).

I think the positives might be more activity, easier to see what people are looking for, less people getting worked up about prices, and fewer posts. It is simply a post for what people are looking for. Unique users on this forum would just update and modify their "wanted" post and let people reach out to them individually for specifics.
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Re: creating a "Wanted RC thread" (a better way?)

Post by TRX-1-3 »

Well, I'll "chime in". So I do think the PM only thing is a good stroke, but what if the public reply serves as an etiquette "place holder" kind of thing? Pretty much everyone here knows the deal, as it is laid out upon joining (if the rules are read and comprehended) and upon gaining access to the B/S/T section (if the rules are read and comprehended).

So, "that being said", I feel as though anyone here that is "wheeling and dealing" will find a way to do it and a super-streamlined wanted thread is already present and functional. My concern is that we don't want to turn this place into an RC Flip Market.

I know what you are getting at, but the acquisition of vintage RC stuff should require some sort of nuance and mystery. imo.
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