Nitro Talk

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Nitro Talk

Post by RC10th »

We all know nitro has been dying for years but outside of 1/8 buggy racing is nitro still continuing to die, has it plateaued, or is it dead? Does anyone see anybody playing with nitro cars? The Tra**as line-up used to be dominated with nitro offerings and has been reduced to only seven, and without an IC touring car even to be seen.

Electric performance is far superior but it's still fun to tinker with and run nitro cars......
I was old school - when old school wasn't cool !

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Re: Nitro Talk

Post by Lowgear »

The first thought that came to mind after reading your post is that if consumers don't even want to build kits anymore, nitro has no chance.

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Re: Nitro Talk

Post by klavy69 »

theres a few die hards out there. I'll find the occasional nitro thread on facebook and its nice to see some more rc10gt and rc10nds threads showing up spuradically here. One of the LHS close to me still has nitro classes but like you stated...mostly 1/8 scale buggy. Last time I was there the consignment had a bunch of stuff but nothing nitro. Not surprising though as there really is no support for nitro around me anymore now that the LHS sold out last year...

Peace and professionlism.....Kabunga signing off!!!

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