Battery Oops

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Battery Oops

Post by R Cane »

So, finally had my first battery mishap. No puffing before charging (hard case, so might have been internal pressure I didn't see), no unusual readings on the charger. I was on the other side of the room, and heard a loud popping noise when it blew the hard case apart. Luckily, no worse damage or fire.
So, I really don't want to mess with this more - the 2 puffed foils are VERY firm, and don't want it rupturing in my hand while messing with it to discharge it (I'm in a wheelchair, so I can't get away from that quickly if it flares). I have a large gravel area on my property, should I just puncture it and let it burn out or whatever it's going to do? The wife won't let me throw it in the pool, lol.


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Re: Battery Oops

Post by klavy69 »

Hey, looks like a few of mine laying on the floor right now. :P

From my experience they are not an instant incendiary when they start on fire. Mostly once they cross polarities and arc so i'd say drop it on the gravel if you're comfortable with it there and let it die. Keep it off to the side of the chair so it can be dropped and you can just keep going.

The fires I've seen first hand is because I've had these and stuck a elcheapo screwdriver through them to release the anger of the lipo gods...which disappoints everytime. Usually just a sizzle and some smoke. The LHS sold a boatload of ONYX lipos and alot of them came back like that. Threw them in the parking lot and stabbed them.

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Re: Battery Oops

Post by Dadio »

The safe way is to stick it in a bucket of salt water to discharge over night , the fun way is to put a nail in a five foot piece of wood and whack it , I'll leave it to you to decide .
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Re: Battery Oops

Post by juicedcoupe »

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