RC10CC GFG Coffin Race Replica

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Re: RC10CC GFG Coffin Race Replica

Post by Elkcycles »

This build makes me think of one of the old visible human models. The clear arms and white chassis look like the bones in those kits. It would be cool to use that body in clear, with a painted driver to replicate something similar.
The organs are your electronics.
Adding a skeleton, a 60's monster head, or even an Ed Roth character could really play up the "Frankentruck" theme.

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Re: RC10CC GFG Coffin Race Replica

Post by isaidme »

Thats pretty rad, wish I had the ingenuity to build something like that.

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Re: RC10CC GFG Coffin Race Replica

Post by mAdMan »

I like the kits but I don’t like how they won’t sell parts

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Re: RC10CC GFG Coffin Race Replica

Post by Frankentruck »

mAdMan wrote: Thu Jan 18, 2024 4:30 am I like the kits but I don’t like how they won’t sell parts
The AE lack of replacement parts really has nothing to do with my build, but as soon as I started the build I could tell that I wouldn't want to do any significant amount of running with these clear parts. They don't feel as durable as regular nylon and I think 'for display' is appropriate for the RC10CC. I would expect to need a constant supply of replacement parts if this was used as a runner. My chassis parts, Thorp gears, and electronics would all make a great runner (motor might be a bit much for the Thorr ESC though :mrgreen: ), but the suspension and steering seem like they would be fragile. It is really cool to look at though.
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