XXWoodmanXX's 3D printed 8x8 KamAZ 6350

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XXWoodmanXX's 3D printed 8x8 KamAZ 6350

Post by XXWoodmanXX »

So I've been 3d printing for a few yrs now, and I've always wanted to challenge myself as to what it was I could do with this thing(s)

I've taken on some multi-piece 1:1 swords or axes, done a few really nice functional prints or tools....

But I've been dying to see what what I could do in my favorite past-time hobby. R/C. So one day I came across a video on YT that a guy in Russia had created a large-scale 8x8 military truck


Since seeing it, I was hooked. I just had to attempt it. Now, it's not free. Well not ALL of it, anyway. You need to purchase the STL files for the axles and the front cab. But the rest is free, along with the build plans.

So here is my rendition of "The Bear"
And with a Tamiya M1025 and my Tx for scale....
All in all, I think I used 7-8 rolls of filament (because most functional parts require 100% infill for strength) and LOTS of stainless steel hardware, PlastiBond, and CA glue. All printed on my Creality K1's. Measures just over 40" in in length.

As far as powering goes, I had a 120A 1/6 scale Redcat brushless ESC and a Maclan 8.2 1/8 competition buggy motor in it, but I ended up destroying the ESC. So I am now using an old Traxxas EVX2 and 23V 550 can from an old E-Maxx.

It moves quite nicely, due to the amt of gear reduction. However, on 3S, it still builds some heat because it's having to move almost 20 lbs of truck. Going to put a heatsink fan on the motor, and a fan blowing on the EVX2 and see how the temps are.

I will also try and capture a video shortly, too. ;)

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