Speed Control Blew Up in My World Car

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Speed Control Blew Up in My World Car

Post by JPAE07 »

Anyone ever had this happen...

I hooked this LRP Quantum Pro Reverse up last week to a Spektrum 3000? receiver, Trinity Kinwald Dirtinator 16T, and NIMH 3600 Battery. Everything was brand new, all hooked up to deans plug and ran once fine in a resto'd world car.

A week later... I re-hooked the car back up try out a HPI drift assist module, turned on the radio, and plugged everything in. The motor starts going beserk (full speed). I looked at the speed control switch and its turned off. I turn it on and start moving the controls on the radio. It slows a little bit when in reverse but otherwise still going beserk.

I shut everything off and unplug the drift assist gyro. Replug everything back in and the same thing occurs. a second passes, and I reach into my tool box to get the speed control re-set wrench. Before I could grab it i see a puff of smoke and flames coming out of the speed control.

I blew the flame out unplugged it and pulled the speed control out of the car. The speed control came apart and circuits/chips melted off the board and fell on the floor.

I returned the thing to Associated and got a replacement but am afraid the same thing might happen.

Has anyone had a similar case? Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

Also, I was inside my apt. next to a TV, router, and computer. Could any of those cause the interference?
I was thinking the speed control should be immune to that kind of interference since wi-fi technology is relatively not new.

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Re: Speed Control Blew Up in My World Car

Post by Kyosho Fan »

The only time my ESC's ever did that is when a FET gave up its smoke.
High power devices tend to have spectacular failure modes.

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Re: Speed Control Blew Up in My World Car

Post by adam lancia »

Sounds like a freak failure to me.

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