RC10 Sandrail Tuber scratch build

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Re: RC10 Sandrail Tuber scratch build

Post by Scalemotorcars »

I started another thread with the Moody scans.


Aluminum is perfect for the project. I think the Real Racing tuber was 5/16 aluminum rod. Mine is 3/16 steel rod. If your going aluminum stick with the slightly beefier rod or tube.
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Re: RC10 Sandrail Tuber scratch build

Post by 87fierogt »

awsome your the man for the scans and info ill be ordering eaither stainless steel or some aluminum tubing from mcmaster monday when my dad goes back to work(if he orders by 11am he gets the stuff same day they do alot of biz).

its really a hard choice on exactly what i want im really thinking of taking a sheet of thick c/f and making the floor and use rc10gt trans driveshafts etc but id like to hear your opionion. i cant decide if i wanna go with prostreet or pro touring. id love to build a straight axle gasser it would be fairly simple just time consuming. i hope you dont mind the questions. if i do prostreet ill be going with thin rc10 front wheels possibly aluminum like yours that kinda look like weld draglites and then bigging in the rear tucked under a clod pickup body or else i have a big deuce body i could use. im leaning toward aluminum since it will be getting shot with powdercoat or house of kolors paint.
any ideas guys id LOVE to hear em. i really wanna do a front engine rwd car to stay like the real thing a tmaxx diff would make a good rear but no idea how to get power from the engine to there yet.

thanks again for the info and scan im gonna be asking a ton of questions i hope ya dont mind
speed r/c taking car of all your rebuilds/restore/used and new custom builds/and anything in between pm me for quotes and`pics of previous builds

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Re: RC10 Sandrail Tuber scratch build

Post by tom_chang79 »

Just did a google search and the link to this thread popped up. Awesome looking SRB... I always love seeing these well-executed custom jobs. I can't wait til Mike Dealer releases his chassis. What sort of paint did you use on the frame? Is it automotive paint?

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