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Post by mrlexan »

Same here Steve, I too should have made a better effort. Looks like I am going to have to start over trying to find some new RC buddies in the South.

There are a bunch of people (Ford guys) DONE on this Wed, those buy outs that they talked about in December go into effect then. A lot of the senior Ford SVT people took them (good friends and great Engineers), but they were just asked for an extended stay from a month to three months. Once those guys leave, there are going to be a bunch of "green" people left. Just about all that I have worked with over the past ten are totally gone.

I turned my two weeks in yesterday, and they pretty much asked me to name my price (blank check)..... flattering, but I really don't think it matters.

I would love to and we thought about moving out West... the wife wants to go to Oregon, but that is one heck of a hike and on the opposite end of the country from our family in Florida. I told, let's just keep it as a place to visit for the moment.

I guess the bottom line, the one constant in life is Change.

Thank you sir!


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