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Re: Marui Samurai...

Post by Coelacanth »

Beautiful, I'll take that over a Hotshot anyday!
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Re: Marui Samurai...

Post by Mad Racer »

Now that's one sweet Samurai :wink:

Did you go for the alloy wheels in the end?

Looks like you did. I bought them for mine too & had to custom make a set of tyres as mine were shagged.

Where did you get the new chassis from or did you paint it?

Very well done.
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Brandon G
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Re: Marui Samurai...

Post by Brandon G »

The wheels are plastic plated originals and the chassis is new, straight out of the Marui parts bag. Definetely the hardest set of wheels and tires to source, just slightly ahead of a full set of Pro Radiants. :D

I chassis came from fleabay, wheels and tires were from a Sees wheel trade..

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Re: Marui Samurai...

Post by ireg »

almost miss this one, nice resto :wink:

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Re: Marui Samurai...

Post by naushad »

Is the before pic taken with a crap camera, whilst the after is taken with a better one?


Regardless, the car now looks new.

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