Original Kyosho Ultima shock options

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Original Kyosho Ultima shock options

Post by scruffytj »

Hi everyone,

I have an original Kyosho Ultima that is in need of some new/aftermarket shocks. The shock collars are broken, and the shocks themselves simply dont work. I have searched the internet and found that the Kyosho Option House gold/platinum shocks are compatible with the car, but I cant seem to find any on ebay. Are there any in-production shocks that will fit the Ultima? I really only need the front shocks for now, but would like to replace the rear at a later date.

I am not trying to build a competition racer, I only want to restore the Ultima to working order so that I can enjoy it on the weekends. Therefore, I dont need top of the line parts, but I would consider them if they are my only option.


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Re: Original Kyosho Ultima shock options

Post by bdrmbully »

you could use laxer zx5 shocks or the old duratraz gold shocks or buy 20$ shocks and take the alloy collars off them.or buy expensive equalizer shocks.there are many options. pending if your using the alloy towers you will need shorter shocks like the length of the red ones.some here was using mini inferno shocks or some kind of 1/18 shocks for one of their rides. hers a pair of duratraxx shocks...

not as good as kyoshos but the price is right lol.
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Re: Original Kyosho Ultima shock options

Post by Jay Dub »

I have bought several sets of the 3 Racing shocks for my projects, and have been pleased with their performance and quality. Plus you can't beat the $20 for front and rear price tag. -Jeff

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Re: Original Kyosho Ultima shock options

Post by Mr. ED »

check-out clinehobbies ebay shop: he has some shocks in different collars that are very close to the original ultima shocks. The advantage for you would be these don't need higher shocktowers as the option houses etc. would

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