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new electronics for RC10

Post by mercdog »

Like many of you, I use to race RC10s in the late 80's. I just dug them out of my dad's attic and my son and I want to get them going. They both have the wiper instead of a ESC. One of the cars works as is.. the other I want to put in an ESC and prob new motor and 2.4GHz radio.
So 1st questions are which ESC and which motor size? These are just for running on my backyard track... no racing, so am looking for inexpensive parts for this one.


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Re: new electronics for RC10

Post by RC104ever »

Hi welcome! There are many many options today and I would recommend doing lots of reading before you proceed. For a cheap and inexpensive option, you can get a Traxxas ESC and Titan 12T motor if you want a brand name OR go to hobbypartz and pick up lipos, ESC, radio etc all for less than $100.

I recommend:

Gens Ace Lipos
Fly Sky GT3B 2.4ghz radio

I think some guys here run Hobbywing ESC's. I personally don't have experience with them as I run all Castle stuff but any brushless setup will be light years ahead of anything you ran in the 80's. I like the zero maintenance and crazy speed / power of them. I have one in my son's runner (its a Castle 4600 kv which is about a 10.5T motor roughly) and he handles it no problem and all we do is drive around the street / yard etc.

Also, if you want to keep the OEM tires, there are some Tamiya tires that will fit over the stock rims, depending on the size you have. But for more options, try the JC Racing wheels (available either on their website or through ebay) as they are a direct fit for the original RC10 axles, front and rear, but will take modern 2.2" rubber.

Hope that helps! Good luck, this site is full of people who really really know their stuff!
- Chris
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Re: new electronics for RC10

Post by joel45acp »

RC104ever, I currently use a Fly Sky 2.4g radios and have had great success with them. I also use the Hobbywing ESC, Tacon motors, EZrun motors with Gens Ace and Blue lipos with great success. Hope that helps some.
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Re: new electronics for RC10

Post by slow_jun »

Welcome aboard,

hobbywing ezrun 60A v2, hobbyking esc (oknfor the price)


sensorless BL ezrun 10.5T will be crazy fast, there lots of BL motors
out there just depends on the budget you have.


Lots of cheap but reliable 2.4ghz out there ,check hobbyking, may want to let the CNY finish before ordering ,shipping delays is surely happen.


Gen ace 2s2p 4000mah and above 30C ( and above) stick pack, turnigy nanotech lipo batts 2s2p stick pack 4000 mah 30 C( and above). You may want to check the rear bulkhead battery holder clearance before buying any lipo. Check the lipo specs on the sizes.

With this setup you will surely have 30- 45 mins run time.

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Re: new electronics for RC10

Post by mercdog »

thanks for the replies! Of course the more I read, the more questions I have.

Sounds like everyone runs brushless and lipos.

can u interchange brushed and brushless ESC, motors, batteries?

For example:
I got my son a 2x4 slasher, brushed.

Could he run lipos in that truck as is?

Could I take the ESC and motor and put it in the RC10?


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Re: new electronics for RC10

Post by VintageCat »

Lipos can be used with either brushed or brushless esc's. The main thing you have to watch is the cutoff voltage - if you run a lipo pack down too far you can kill it. Most modern brushless esc's have built-in lipo cutoff circuits that protect the battery, when it hits a set voltage it cuts the motor off and saves the battery. Some brushed esc's may have a voltage cutoff, but a lot won't.. older vintage brushed esc's almost never do. You can buy an external cutoff that can be wired in and used with an esc without the built-in cutoff, otherwise without one you'd want to stop running the car immediately when you notice any sign of slowing down to protect the battery.

Some esc's will run either brushed or brushless motors,as long as they're programmed in the correct mode and wired correctly. Other esc's are either brushed or brushless only, in which case you'd have to match the esc and motor.

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Re: new electronics for RC10

Post by slythee »

thanks for the post. i just bought back a RC10 big boy sprint conversion i sold to my uncle back in '93. it's been sitting in his garage barely used since then and needs a lot of TLC. I can see right away that a tranny mod/swap is in the future to get that power on the ground. the suggestions above pretty much solved all my problems concerning electronics.

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Re: new electronics for RC10

Post by foots »

Sometimes you can get a good buy on take off RTR associated radios,ESC and motor combos on e*ay.

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Re: new electronics for RC10

Post by Zedmaster »

RC104ever wrote: But for more options, try the JC Racing wheels (available either on their website or through ebay) as they are a direct fit for the original RC10 axles, front and rear, but will take modern 2.2" rubber.
I run the JC Racing wheels myself, and love them. They've proven very durable in crashes. Only minor problem is that the yellow ones get pretty grubby once they've had a few scratches. I think your best bet is to work out a color scheme that works with the black ones. They're deep-dyed, so you shouldn't have to worry about the black scratching off.

Good luck!

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