Cleaning the shop

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Cleaning the shop

Post by Charlie don't surf »

Something I hate doing :x Every once and a while (6-12 months) I get a chance to really clean and re-group my now tiny RC area :? Today's the day :oops: Good thing is I have about a dozen cars to add to the gallery today too :mrgreen:

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Re: Cleaning the shop

Post by scr8p »

i'll be doing it very shortly as well. all i have to do is chose the carpet, have my friend install it, get a ceiling light, and i'll be ready to start moving stuff into my new hobby room. :D

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Re: Cleaning the shop

Post by lpddpd »

Every time I do that, I can never find what I need because the space is cleaned up. Leave it in a mess and I know where everything is. :roll:

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Re: Cleaning the shop


Im still lookin for parts since the last time i cleaned up lmao.Quarter of dinning room taken up half the back porch[closed in} Way too many boxes lol.Don

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Re: Cleaning the shop

Post by slim_chance »

Just did that myself the other weekend. Took out the table most of my collectin was on and put up a metal shelving unit. Also re-used an old three drawer dresser that all the drawer fronts fell off of for my work table. Since I only get about 1/4 of the dinning room it still looks like crap.
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Re: Cleaning the shop

Post by kaiser »

my shop/garage is such a mess right now. i've been packing stuff, preparing for a move soon.
plus my 74 beetle is in peices, engine on my bench, the car itself is filled with parts.
and now i decide i'm going to race dirt oval! :lol:

rc brings me more enjoyment then most other things, so it's worth it.

our new house will have a dedicated hobby room, or i'm not moving. that's what i tell the wife anyway.

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Re: Cleaning the shop

Post by Halgar »

kaiser wrote:our new house will have a dedicated hobby room, or i'm not moving. that's what i tell the wife anyway.
You can have your hobby room, as long as you share just one tiny little corner for her scrap booking. :lol:
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