Watch out speed demons!

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Watch out speed demons!

Post by Mindwarp »

Awesome top-speed! ... oh wait, no it isn't :lol:

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Re: Watch out speed demons!

Post by Coelacanth »

Man that's bad. You never get a true idea of its speed because of the presentation and very short video's been ages since I've seen a commercial do such a good job of misrepresenting a product...10 fps, eh? Not even 7 mph. But sure sounds good! :lol:
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Re: Watch out speed demons!

Post by cunawarit »

WOW! The X0-1 has competition! ;)

Who on earth wants to control a buggy with a phone anyway?

Having said that, this looks cool, tiny and fully proportional.


$89 though! $89!!!! I'd consider it for 20 :)

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Re: Watch out speed demons!

Post by slim_chance »

Oh awesome they figured out how to make a Rc car controlled by a phone...... oh wait radio shack has already done that and they don't sell.
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Re: Watch out speed demons!

Post by TerryC »

Speaking of Radio Shack, not sure where it is but I have one of the little ZipZap cars that they sold awhile back.

I think it's faster than that iPhone car!



(Oops, wrong photo. :oops: Fixed now.)

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Re: Watch out speed demons!

Post by Halgar »

Yeah, they had micro racers not that long ago, about the size of a Hot Wheels. Just like a real RC, it had it's own controller and quite a few hop-up parts for such a tiny, useless beast. I remember RCCA showing a pic of the crew racing them around the conference table. Considering I haven't looked at an RCCA in over 10 years, that tells you how long ago this was.
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