How Do You Feel About 3D Printed Parts?

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Re: How Do You Feel About 3D Printed Parts?

Post by Jay Dub »

One would re-design the parts anyways, so there would be no reason to make them look exactly the same. I don't think there should be any legal issues at all. -Jeff

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Re: How Do You Feel About 3D Printed Parts?

Post by 8valve »

Looking at that scorpion radio box I had an idea: is it possible to send the two lexan radioboxes I have for my Playtron cars (in bad shape) to a place to have those reverse engineered and printed in 3D? Any leads anyone?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: How Do You Feel About 3D Printed Parts?

Post by Lowgear »

I remember there being another thread on this subject...

Found it:

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Re: How Do You Feel About 3D Printed Parts?

Post by emerson_shih »

I just start to run some 3D printing in my workshop. And here is my comment for this kind tecnology:

1. Part printed by ABS from low cost 3D printer such as Solidoodle or Reprap: Such part is very strong & durable which is possible for arms, gearbox & wing shelf etc. However, this kind printer provides low accuracy and coarse surface. So it is not possible to print tiny part such as gears for 1/10 buggy.

2. Part printed by PLA from low cost 3D printer: The part is also strong enough and harder then ABS. However, it is easier crashed during intense runnning since of its fragible. And it is not such durable and aging easier compare to ABS.

3. Part printed by Z printer: It is good in surface detail, but it is too weak. It is only suitable for shelf queen. Not possible for running.

4 Part printed by Projet: This part provides very good accuracy with very smooth surface. It is also tronger compare to Z printer (but not like ABS, you can use it for function proven, but not for racing). Also the melt temparature is too low (around 40~50C). Further more, the material is too expeisive. one RC10 arm can cost you US$10.

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Re: How Do You Feel About 3D Printed Parts?

Post by GreenHell »


It’s only a matter of time before there are affordable high resolution 3d printers for home use.

I’m looking at upgrading our current Objet – Eden 260V to a Connex 350. This will give me the ability to make high resolution ABS (like) parts… can’t wait.
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