Vintage Kyosho Ultima EP ST ??'s

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Re: Vintage Kyosho Ultima EP ST ??'s

Post by klavy69 »

I need to say it now...please keep the buying/selling out of the forums. The b/s/t area is there for that. Thanx for your co-operation.

Peace and professionlism.....Kabunga signing off!!!

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Re: Vintage Kyosho Ultima EP ST ??'s

Post by crusaderlyf »

Sport kit doesn't have clutch, type-R have.the truck as same as ultima RB type-R, you can download the manual from kyosho website

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Re: Vintage Kyosho Ultima EP ST ??'s

Post by EvolutionRevolution »

Also note that some of the parts for the Sports truck are compatible with the Type-R, but not all (some have very different shapes).

Type-R vs. Sports truck:

- The whole gearbox is different, including the motor plate, rear bumper, hinge pins and the mounting holes where it attaches to the chassis. The gears and axles inside the gearbox are also different (pitch and shape). Sports version lacks slipper, different topshaft.
- Front and rear uprights different, c-hubs different (but compatible)
- Steering different, some front end parts around the steering different. Bumper different, minor differences in front end parts. Whole front end can be swapped though.
- Chassis different, several holes are located on different spots.
- Some parts on the Sports truck are not or less fiber-reinforced.

- Shock towers and arms (and mounts) are the same. Rear tower mounts are compatible.
- Drive axles are the same.
- Various small hardware is the same.

To convert a Sports truck to a Type-R, you can as well buy a Type-R, there's so many parts that need to be swapped.

Having discovered that by buying parts to convert my Sports truck to a Type-R, I will likely be building a Type-R Evo-ish Ultima ST :mrgreen: , and a Ultima RB Sports with the left-overs. :roll: :shock:

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Re: Vintage Kyosho Ultima EP ST ??'s

Post by aip47-2008 »

Any updates?

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