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Post by myfordcnc »

There really is no original way to start these intros. So hello every one. I'm new to this site. I did not rediscover my old rc10 in the attic wish I had. ( That would have been cheaper ). Mine I remember very well was ran over when I was 14 or so. This lady must of been having a bad day because I swear she swerved to hit it. I think thats pretty funny now but at the time I just rember being in disbelief of what I'd witnessed.

So about a mount ago for some reason I realized I wanted it back. Did not know at the time that there were so many varitions (stock). So the one I bought off the bay is not the one I originaley had. Mine was the one with the wide track front A arms and stealth diff (all white and the shock tube caps were gold).

The one I bought ( or the hulk I bought) is the one with the short A arms and 6 gear trans.

Back in the day I wanted every thing alloy. Never could find any thing. Wish the internet was what it is now back then. After I bought my present one I looked around for aluminum parts and came across Chris's soon to be made stealth aluminum diff case. I jump einit! Got in at the last minute. Thats how I found this site. Now I see you people here are just as insane (love it). Also that all alloy gold and black Rc10 made me absolutely salivate. Some serious skill there.

Eventually I hope to be able to buy some parts off the network here but that will take a while I'm sure. Eventually I'd like to find myself a nice traxxas hawk (which was my first but never got running) and a tamiya fox I remember fixing for a neighbor and I think a kyosho nitro vanning my uncle had when I was very young.

As for my rc10 I bought I'm turning it back to dead stock (as much As I'll be able to) And eventually build up that version of the stealth rc10 I had. Correcting a wrong I guess. I feel a little guilty playing with little cars but hey I need my therapy.

Here by the way are some pics (screen shots of some parts I am in the process of designing/ redesigning that I plan in machining latter) Hope I can figure out how to up load them.

Well that does not seem to work. It's a jpeg. I'll try again.

Maybe I don't have permissions.?

So here is a photo bucket link(s)

Mike DeLaney
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Re: Introduction

Post by Mike DeLaney »

Welcome to the forum! I also just joined resently, still haven't surfed the entire site. I like your planned alloy parts.

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