My Vintage Stadium Blitzer runner

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My Vintage Stadium Blitzer runner

Post by REMJ666 »

I bought this before the re release and it is the only one that I have running...I have almost talked the owner of the hobby shop/track into doing a vintage race...I know they did the re release and if I understand correctly it is a perfect clone of the original...Is that correct ??? Because if I break something then I will be able to fix it the easiest out of all my rc cars...And second question is concerning the radio that came with it...The coils in the battery area are starting to show corrosion and I want to stop this...What is the best way to clean them ???? I have heard a q tip and alcohol...If somewhere down the line one of the coils in there does give up the ghost is this something that can easily be fixed ???
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Re: My Vintage Stadium Blitzer runner

Post by russ.shannon.3 »

eBay has good selection of these vintage parts for the Stadium Blitzer/thunder, Blitzer Beetle. Own original Blitzer myself bought back in 1993 and still in great running shape thanks to EBay.

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