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cleaning mag parts

Post by npdp72 »

I'm guessing vintage yokomo magnesium parts need to be treated with some care.
Does anyone have any advice for cleaning these bits up or are they best left as is, with a nice protective oxidised layer on the surface?

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Re: cleaning mag parts

Post by DerbyDan »

Nigel - I sent my bits to Tony Evdoka at Rudebits who bead blasted the Mag bits on my Yokomo - they came back like new! They have now dulled down to a darker grey - but at least they are nice & even in colour where as before they looked really ropey with white oxide dust etc forming.

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Re: cleaning mag parts

Post by scr8p »

Glass bead

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Re: cleaning mag parts

Post by jwscab »

glass bead + clear coat or wax/oil protection.

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Re: cleaning mag parts

Post by GoMachV »

Yup glass bead or even soda blast, and then a clear coat of some sort or it will go right back to ugly again
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Re: cleaning mag parts

Post by RC10th »

I polished mine with Mothers Mag polish, it has a wax protectant in it but I know it will eventually turn grey again. I didn't go nuts trying to get it to a mirror finish, just enough to make it look nicer.

This is on a WCS so the purists would shoot me, but most of the car was put in a mill and tweaked back in the day.
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Re: cleaning mag parts

Post by integra22t »

ya i used autosol on a set of vintage Keystone rims and they came out mint


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Re: cleaning mag parts

Post by highwayracer »

Years ago, I used a wire wheel and it gave the parts a nice look...a little on the shiny side. After a couple of months sitting in the basement, they had a white film on them because the newly poured concrete vented a lot of moisture. I re-polished and used some Testors transparent blue...which made it look like it was anodized. 15 years later, they still look the same.

So definitely clean (wire wheel or blast) and clear coat.

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