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Yokomo YZ-10 Pavidis Edition

Post by Hanson »

I think my Yokomo collection is breeding. LOL! I was not looking for another car but generally on the hunt for parts for a few of my other projects - 870c & an MX-4. I'm getting closer to doing something with those when I came across this guy... a 95 Yokomo WCS or Pavidis.

After doing as much research on the forums here as I could about the Pavidis model, I came to the conclusion that is very complete and actually in fantastic shape. I didn't want to buy a Pavidis that was missing half of the Pavidis specific parts as it seams like they are difficult to track down.

The mailman dropped the package off yesterday and ripped it open to see if I made a good purchase or not, and I actually couldn't be happier. I think its in better condition than I thought it would be.

It does not have the correct shocks on it now, but it did come with the correct Associated Hard Anodized Shock Bodies. This should be a simple fix as there are plenty of Associated shocks out there.

Also it came with the coveted Copper Springs - front and rears.

I'm curious about the rear suspension arms as I don't think they are the lightweight models, the fronts are for sure.

Also I'm wondering about the tie rod ends and tie rods. Was black the appropriate color for the tie rod ends on this car? And are the tie rods correct?
Either way, the "white" Yokomo ends are in brand new condition and I know are hard to find so I'll find a way to use them one way or another.

The wing mounts are incorrect and I need a wing as well, which if I'm not mistaken is the molded plastic high traction wing?

I think thats about it... I just have to sort out a few of these issues and give this thing a good cleaning.


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Re: Yokomo YZ-10 Pavidis Edition

Post by a01butal »

Can't see the rear arms to tell if they are the lightweight version but at least the rears are somewhat available while the fronts are almost impossible to find. Parts are out there just takes a while to source them, nice car by the way.

This is all very interesting!

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