5mm balljoints vs 6mm ball links for SRB

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5mm balljoints vs 6mm ball links for SRB

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I am in the middle of a front shock upgrade and i need some advice. my options for new lower shock links are

0 - stock 4mm tamiya ball joints...
1 - 5mm tamiya ball joints / plastic joint with 5mm flourine ball. some amount of slop when new...
2 - 6mm tamiya ball link / plastic joint with 6mm plastic ball. no slop when new...maybe a little stiff...
3 - 6mm aftermarket ball link / aluminum and brass joint with 6mm metal ball. performance unknown...

also i have been wanting to do a tie rod upgrade from the little stock 4mm ball joints up to 5mm ones. It makes me wonder if they should just be swapped for 6mm ball links if the tamiya 5mm ball joints are sloppy too!

thanks for your help. i also need a lifetime supply of the chosen item because the shock mounting points are critical to be spaced correctly. i cannot simply switch around from one style to the next / because the shock mounting needs to stay correct....

thanks again...

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Re: 5mm balljoints vs 6mm ball links for SRB

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