Intrigued by RC bikes...suggestions?

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Intrigued by RC bikes...suggestions?

Post by Coelacanth »

I've always been intrigued by RC bikes, they look like a hoot to drive. I don't want to get deep into it, but get into something along the lines of the FeiLun FT012 boat, or Conqueror 1/18 Crawler, but in a bike equivalent. Something inexpensive and worthy of modding, not something totally hobby-grade. Interestingly, RC bikes isn't something that gets discussed much on here...any suggestions, guys?
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Re: Intrigued by RC bikes...suggestions?

Post by Lowgear »

The only one I've ever driven was made by Royal and it was fun, especially being so different from what I was used to. You definitely needed some room to run it. I don't think R/C motorcycles ever really caught on which is why you don't see much about them. If you find something, I'd love to see what you do with it. :)

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Re: Intrigued by RC bikes...suggestions?

Post by AscotConversion »

RC Groups had a pretty decent motorcycle forum. There is a lot to read there.

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Re: Intrigued by RC bikes...suggestions?

Post by matt1ptkn »

I had an ECX Outburst 1/14 Motorcycle, that I sold on eBay earlier this year. I tried it out to verify functionality prior to selling it, and it was a neat little thing. It was not all that fast, but it was fun playing in the driveway. Still amazes me how it could stay up on two wheels. With some mods, I'm sure it could be amazing.

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Re: Intrigued by RC bikes...suggestions?

Post by »

Still much a niche category, it still has a national championship here in the UK and there is an official world championships which runs each year.

They used to be pretty big a few years ago, I even got involved with the design of this

More information on it here

For fun the Anderson M5 Motocross bike is worth a look, using a gyro built into the rear wheel it can go off road without falling over. For something a bit smaller there's the Kyosho Hang On Rider 1/8 scale bikes or for a cheaper option there's the Hobbyking HKM-390

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