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RC10CE Build

Post by CarMan »

Hello all. I am new to the RC10Talk forum. I just finished restoring an RC10CE gold pan B stamp with a stealth transmission survivor from 1992. The car is mint. I am having a Penguin Protech 2 reproduction body and reproduction 90’s TQ Worlds style wing custom painted to match the RC10CE manual cover car’s body. The paintwork is being done by MH Designs. I also have reproduction decals for the body made by MCI Racing. The one thing I am lacking to complete the build is a new wing mount kit. I can’t find one anywhere. The one I have is all bent out of shape and beyond repair. If anyone out there has a new ASC6189 or ASC6191 wing mount kit that you would be willing to part with, let me know. Either kit will work. I could probably get away with just replacing the wing mount wire. If anyone has a wing mount wire that is in perfect, like new condition, that would work too. I will post pics of the car when the body and wing are done.

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Re: RC10CE Build

Post by KidAgain »

If you cant find the wing wire its just plain old 1/16" Piano Wire.............................
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Re: RC10CE Build

Post by bluewormx »

KidAgain wrote: Wed Jan 08, 2020 2:12 pm If you cant find the wing wire its just plain old 1/16" Piano Wire.............................
Just Like KidAgain has said original wire is plain piano wire and was shipped without bending.

The pre bent wire in ReRe kits is not piano wire and is really terrible quality. Any decent hobby store should have what you need. :D

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Re: RC10CE Build

Post by radioactivity »

Hello neighbor

There 2 Hobbytowns in Austin. Maybe one or the other might have it.
RC planes use it a lot for control rods. Servo to rudder etc.
Look for K&S Engineering Music Wire 36",.062,1/16".
I'd call first. Or look on the net.

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Re: RC10CE Build

Post by whisperingbomb »

I used stainless welding rod. Easy to find and has a nice finish.

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