Your forever car...

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Your forever car...

Post by romulus22 »

I’m not sure how popular this term is. But hypothetical scenario, if it came down to it, what is the one R/C car you would never part with or hold on to till the very end? No seconds or runner ups.

Pictures are encouraged.

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R Cane
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Re: Your forever car...

Post by R Cane »

Hard choice - There are 3 that I really enjoy. If I absolutely had to choose, probably my JRX2.

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by Basher67 »

Impossible! The very idea is ludicrous sir! I sat here thinking about it for a few minutes and decided it can't be done. It would be like choosing one of my children over the others. I could narrow it down to the top 12. :roll: :lol:

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by TRX-1-3 »

Traxxas TRX-1 is my forever car. Chips would have to be down, dire straights, with a gun to my head and even then I'd be all ,"nah, no way dude, keeping it."

I still might build one in the future that I would prefer to keep more than the current #1. But definitely the TRX-1.

It has the A&L treatment:

Axles, steering, battery strap, wing mounts, PowerClutch, and Interceptor body.

Also an SS screw kit, Lunsford turnbuckles, Thorp gearset....
BOTMC1 (1).JPG (55.19 KiB) Viewed 4717 times
BOTMC1 (1).JPG (55.19 KiB) Viewed 4717 times
BOTMC2.JPG (55.77 KiB) Viewed 4717 times
BOTMC2.JPG (55.77 KiB) Viewed 4717 times
DSC00443 (1).JPG
DSC00443 (1).JPG (61.68 KiB) Viewed 4717 times
DSC00443 (1).JPG
DSC00443 (1).JPG (61.68 KiB) Viewed 4717 times
Hope you're doin' something fun.

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by scr8p »

I still have half a dozen cars from my childhood/younger years...... so this would be tough. It would most likely come down to my Midnight Pumpkin or my RC10 graphite team car. While I had years of fun bashing around with the pumpkin with my friends, I had many great years travelling the tri-state area, winning races and meeting tons of people. So, I think the team car would be the one that would stay til the end.

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by XLR8 »

That's probably the easiest question I've had to answer in a long time. It's my avatar. :mrgreen:
I wish I had an interesting story to tell but I don't. The original RC10 was my first serious RC race car; it was then and continues to be my all-time favorite.
Gives me more smiles/mile than any other car in my collection. :D

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by Coelacanth »

That's like asking "Which of your children would you sacrifice?" The one I'd keep would be either CYANide or Barney, my first two custom-built Optimas...both took so much time to plan, re-engineer and build...probably I'd give the nod to Barney because you could drive that car anywhere. :mrgreen: And I'd always regret not keeping the other.


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Re: Your forever car...

Post by Dadio »

My Yokomo Dogfighter YZ-834b, its staying :!:
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Re: Your forever car...

Post by Lowgear »

The hardest model for me to part with would probably be the Kyosho Nitro Thrasher I bought not too long ago. That was my first hobby grade R/C, and has taken 25 years to come across another one in the right condition when I had the right amount of money.

Everything I have though is for sale for the right price. :mrgreen: I don't want to say I buy any R/C for investment purposes but I rarely pay full retail. It's not because I'm cheap, but because I usually can't afford to. :oops: Which as a result, leaves a nice profit to be made down the road when I do go to sell. Plus it always feels better owning something when you know you got a great deal!

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by Jimbo302 »

Mine is purely sentimental. I've had it for over thirty years, its not going anywhere.


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Re: Your forever car...

Post by Toaster »

I had to laugh a bit when coming across this thread only because when I started to think about it, my forever car is now owned by another forum member :lol: A quick story...

I moved to Asia at a young age (dragging my beloved Marui Big Bear with me), Masami’s 870 was everywhere but at the time I didn’t know a whole lot about Yokomo. Then I saw a 91’ being prep’d in a local hobby shop and fell in love; bought one the next day and remember taking weeks to assemble it, admiring the complexity, materials used etc. even had my mother help me paint it.

Fast forward about 2 decades and I found it in a box in my fathers basement (they had moved back to Canada) but I had been out of R/C for ages after discovering girls :D and promptly threw it up on eBay. I regret that decision a little on occasion but knowing it went to a good home where it is appreciated is enough for me.

P.s. that being said if Bscotti returns to the forum and throws up a black striped, white accented never run 91 Yokomo please let me know hahaha
I come for the RC10's but stay for the Yokomo's :P

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by MrCrow »

My 1989 mk1 Kyosho Lazer. Absolutely love this thing. Trying to tack down a Triumph to go with it :D

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by Incredible_Serious »

I sold my forever car years ago.... my PB Mini Mustang, with OziFET ESC, Technigold, and those cool gold Hotshot rims. Oh, and my paint job and optional wing...
PB_2.jpg (46.93 KiB) Viewed 2892 times
PB_2.jpg (46.93 KiB) Viewed 2892 times
Nothing will ever come close to that, until I build up a replica... I'm getting there, slowly, like all my projects.

I just don't have the attachment to them that a lot of you guys seem to... either that, or I am just a bit of a goose. :oops: :roll:

Osiris is the key.

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by sandkil »

That would be the RC10 Team car for me

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Re: Your forever car...

Post by alexo »

My first 'proper' RC which was a Losi XX CR. Will never part with it, and was the start of my passion so means alot.

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