Mip Shiny bones vs regular Mip cvd bone

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Mip Shiny bones vs regular Mip cvd bone

Post by JosephS »

Are the MIP shiny cvd bones the same as the regular bones except for the finish or is there supposed to be a performance advantage?

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Re: Mip Shiny bones vs regular Mip cvd bone

Post by TRX-1-3 »

I am 99.9% sure it's just a difference in finishes. The 0.1% is whether or not there is a material difference.....is the black version steel and the shiny version stainless steel?
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Re: Mip Shiny bones vs regular Mip cvd bone

Post by GoMachV »

I agree the shiny was just a cool look, it was not advertised as being better. The aluminum ones on the other hand did have an advantage of being much lighter
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Re: Mip Shiny bones vs regular Mip cvd bone

Post by juicedcoupe »

There is the standard shiny ones, which I believe is nothing more than the finish. Then there is the shiny aluminum ones, which are obviously different.

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