This is seriously creepy

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Re: This is seriously creepy

Post by Coelacanth »

dldiaz wrote: Mon Jan 17, 2022 6:45 pm My wife and I have experienced most of the 'coincidences' mentioned above...

It is definitely NOT location related, we can be sitting at home having a conversation and within hours we both get ads related to our conversation - having never left the house.
That's definitely the case with my experience. I was nowhere near a Red Robin, and the one they were talking about on the radio had long been closed, and also nowhere near my commute route. That's what made it startlingly non-random. :lol:

EDIT: I just did a bit of research because I couldn't even recall there being a Red Robin in my city. There aren't ANY Red Robins anywhere in Canada EXCEPT B.C., a province away! :?
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Re: This is seriously creepy

Post by MadZero »

That happened to me - about a week ago I was walking home with my wife & we were moaning on about the police and how shit they are how they never do anything nowadays etc and when we got home Andy Summers Stuart Copeland and Sting were there waiting for us.
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Re: This is seriously creepy


morrisey0 wrote: Tue Jan 18, 2022 12:33 am It has become so normal in our lives that it doesn't even bother me, and yea, sometimes it is beneficial. I am not discussing anything wrong or illegal, and lord knows there are people constantly talking about things worse than I am, so figure it isn't hurting me really. If someone is bored enough to listen to my daily life, good luck to ya!

I laughed just this evening at it. The wife and I were in the hot tub last night (so my phone which was bluetoothing music was the only "ear" around), and we were trying to determine what movie to watch for the night. Sunday is always "light hearted" movie night so we don't go into the work week with anything too heavy or depressing before bed. She mentioned Val Kilmer and him being in college and he created a space laser, and I replied with "Real Genius." Well, we ended up with " A Knight's Tale," but when she turned on the Amazon Fire as we were about to sit down to dinner tonight, guess what movie was on the home screen as a suggestion? Real Genius.
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