Cheap Way Into 1:24 Slot Cars?

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Cheap Way Into 1:24 Slot Cars?

Post by morrisey0 »

Just throwing this out there as a couple of Slot Car threads have been rejuvenated over the past day or two, and I have recently gotten into the hobby of G-Scale (1:24) model trains.

I am going to play completely dumb here (not really a challenge as it is my daily thing). I know that 1:24 slot cars are out there, and I think these are more for the "pro" crowd, and usually run on hobby shop layouts as opposed the the usual home layout, which I would think runs on a much smaller scale (I am thinking about that Dukes Of Hazard set I had as a kid), and I think that was around 1:87, or HO train scale, and about hotwheels/matchbox scale.

So if I wanted to get into the home 1:24 scene, to run a road next to my train track, how do I get into that on the cheapy? Nothing elaborate, nothing fast, just a road with a car running on it old school analog style. Is there a 1:24 "starter" set? Is there a brand of 1:24 cars (or track/accessories) that are good enough, but not bringing the high dollar of the "better" brands?

Just starting a discussion really. Thanks for any info! :D
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Re: Cheap Way Into 1:24 Slot Cars?

Post by helbnd1 »

I run 1:32 at the house.
Alot of beautiful cars to choose from and the track sets aren't too expensive.

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Re: Cheap Way Into 1:24 Slot Cars?

Post by Elkcycles »

I understand that 1/24 cars and 1/32 can run on the same tracks, but I don't know if both can run on 1/32 lanes.

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Re: Cheap Way Into 1:24 Slot Cars?

Post by RC10th »

1/32 is a lot easier
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Re: Cheap Way Into 1:24 Slot Cars?

Post by dsmith »

Cheapest car I seen was like 65$..

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Re: Cheap Way Into 1:24 Slot Cars?

Post by klavy69 »

are you talking about like adding a small Artin type track next to your trainset? There's tons of that big track around. I did a sell off about 10 years ago and am now several donated sets (on my shipping dollar) deep again. Seems a trend again to sell a slot car and get all the crap they couldn't sell with it. Wouldn't mind so much but the crap takes up alot of room and not knowing about it beforehand seems shady...

Figure when you win a $20 slot car it won't cost $40 to ship but then you get a big ass box of stuff with it but if you don't know the shipping ahead of time its all fair I guess :?

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