Yokomo Super Dog Fighter (2023) by RC Magazine

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Yokomo Super Dog Fighter (2023) by RC Magazine

Post by TokyoProf »

Here are higher-quality pictures from RC magazine for Yokomo Super Dog Fighter fans with more detailed google translations. Enjoy! I'm happy my local library subscribes to this magazine :)
What suggestions do you have for their possible reissue? Maybe they will consider our feedback...
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Re: Yokomo Super Dog Fighter (2023) by RC Magazine

Post by stickboy007 »

I hope they follow through on this. YZ10 prices have gotten insane and it'll be great to have a supply of harder-to-find parts which don't cost my soul.

Some things on my wish list for an 870 re-re:

1.) Slotted rear bulkhead mounting holes on the chassis. The Works models had this and it is crucial for keeping the rear belt tension in check if you don't have a ZD304-S motor mount.
2.) ZD304-S hop-up option ;)
3.) TCS hop-up option, but with threads on both sides of the layshaft. The right side thread would adjust the slipper as usual, and the left side thread would adjust the one-way pulley movement. Schumacher and Kyosho had variants of this, and it's an effective tuning option for different surfaces.
4.) Rear hub carrier inserts for adjustable toe. Probably easier to do on the Works/'94 part if they ever re-re those, as the 870 rear hub is shared with the front steering block, but then again, you could use the same inserts to mess around with front caster and/or trailing axle. That kind of dual-purpose insert would be very cool.
5.) Some more holes on the front and rear shock tower for tuning, especially for the inner camber link mounting points. This is admittedly not too easy, as the way the towers mount onto the bulkheads does limit how high you can set the roll center. Maybe if they released a plate that goes between the bulkhead and bulkhead cap, much like what Cliff Lett's 1991 car had, then would also do the job while staying thematically consistent with the car and its history. They could also add holes to the rear hub and front caster block, but that's not thematically consistent with the car and its history.
6.) Steering brace (hop-up option?), to connect the left and right steering rack posts. RCPS made a metal brace for this and the '93 Works achieved the same with a plate between the bulkhead and bulkhead cap which connects to those posts.
7.) Variable front and rear wheel hub offsets as a tuning option.

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