USTE 2023 - worth a watch

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USTE 2023 - worth a watch

Post by limestang »

Not just scale crawlers, includes vintage class race.

- limestang

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Re: USTE 2023 - worth a watch

Post by XLR8 »

Thanks for posting the link.

I've spent many hours detailing the dash and interior in my RC4WD Blazer only to be humbled by the incredibly scale accurate builds presented at USTE.
I haven't attended the event yet but I will some day. I always catch the videos that follow each year because it's a segment of the hobby that's of particular interest.

Thanks again. :D

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Re: USTE 2023 - worth a watch

Post by 1911Colt »

The scale rigs are incredible! The gap between RC and static models has just about disappeared.

I haven't been to USTE, but was fortunate enough to attend Scale Masters (international RC plane competition). The dedication and talent on display was similar.

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Re: USTE 2023 - worth a watch

Post by Dangeruss »

I liked some of the movie replica vehicles they had there... like this video had the Pizza Planet Toyota from 'Toy Story'... but there was also a Dorothy toting J20 from 'Twister', semi with full mural trailer from 'Smokey & The Bandit', 'Back To The Future' Delorean & Marty's Toyota, 1989 Batmobile, K.I.T.T car... The Big 'Oly was pretty too... but that Bronco DR... so... much... want. lol

Funniest though was the RC lawnmower:

And the 11 foot vert wall:

Couldn't get the vids to insert inline with a time stamp so, links start at correct time for each segment.

Would be a great show to take Primadonna to... see if the new trucks can measure up to their predecessor. 8) 8) 8)

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