Battery option for stock gold pan battery cup?

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Re: Battery option for stock gold pan battery cup?

Post by RCveteran »

I actually have a tiny bit I could have gone bigger before hitting servo mount. That was more a function of the one cup I already had that had the end cut off and it's length not some grand plan. But this is a 5000maH 2S hardcase lipo big enough for anything I would do with this car.

My biggest problem was starting with two cups of different quality and color. After being peroxide for a day now they are blending together very nice.

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Re: Battery option for stock gold pan battery cup?

Post by Westcoast10z »

Was happy to find out today that the cheapo DuraDtrax battery I got over at Tower (LXYPP7) does in fact fit sideways if you cut the plastic junk off. Thought this info might be appreciated by those of you trying to get a resistor-speed-control rig together. And of course, any excuse for a picture. 8)
Lol at the battery straps hastily put on backwards, etc.. :oops:
I have a Novak problem....

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Re: Battery option for stock gold pan battery cup?

Post by Lonestar »

you can Drill, countersink, cut servo tabs and mount servo with forward mount only + servo tape - it takes 5mns, you just need a drill and a countersinking bit, it doesn't have to be super accurate, heck, even I with my 2 left hands did it properly ;)


your custom battery case looks cool though :)

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