***RC12E Restoration Help + 3D PRINTED Parts***

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***RC12E Restoration Help + 3D PRINTED Parts***

Post by retrorobot »

I'm trying to restore this RC12E I pick up on a local classified ad. RC12E is not complete but did come with a Associated motor. So far I model some parts in Autodesk Inventor and 3d printed them. The Orange parts are the ones I 3d printed. But I need further help with restoration.

Drive Shaft ****- The drive shaft has some rust. I wonder if i can just use a scotch brite pad on it over like rotating drill press?

Servo Saver**** -I'm missing the Servo Saver which I'd probably fabricate it or 3d print it. But Servo saver i want is the original one feature in the Associated Ads. But it is so hard to find pics on it and if somebody can scan one for me that would be great

Radio Tray+Bumper**** - I also need scans of the original Radio tray and the lightweight bummer. If anybody can help me that would be greatly appreciated.

Screws**** I bought some stainless 8-32X1/2 button head sloted screws but they don't seem to fit properly. Firstly They fit really tight and is extremely hard to get it straight or squared into the bulkhead? Is this normal? Are stainless steel screws are suppose to bite more tightly into plastic. Because when i use a 8-32 alluminium screw it goes in very easily with very little effort. The ends of the stainless steel screws are do not come to a tapered end like the alluminium screw. I wonder if I file it or grind the end of the screw to a taper would this help the screw go into more squarely? Anybody else have issue with screws not fitting properly or how to get them squared?
I had to grind down the buttone head screw because It almost impossible for me to find a slot pan head screw like the original. I wonder if I can just use chicago screws as a subsititute. but they longest they come in is 8-32X3/8

Speed Control**** Can this be salvaged? Is there safe way to remove the rust and not damage the functionality of it. For the original orange paint that is on the ceramic part. Can i just paint over it with orange acrylic paint? or do i need some sorta special paint for that?

Motor**** The pinion is stuck on it, it doesn't have set screw, how to do I remove it? The original sticker seems like there is plastic film? Is this one of those films you can peel off to expose a mint sticker underneath? Did the original motor sticker ever come with a peelable protective film? Lastly is there a way to polish the motor can but not damaging the sticker?

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Re: ***RC12E Restoration Help + 3D PRINTED Parts***

Post by slotcarrod »

You can polish the axle with fine sand paper (like 1000 or less) and then some sort of metal polish. The screws you have are the wrong degree head, I think you need an 80 degree taper. The threads should be the same regardless aluminium or stainless.

For the motor. Lube the bushings for a few days and try again. Pry pinion off with flat screw driver or better yet, a gear puller. Not sure about the decal.

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