Some advice for newbiers buying a used Yokomo offroad.

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Some advice for newbiers buying a used Yokomo offroad.

Post by mamadoesntletme » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:18 am

Some advice for newbiers buying a used Yokomo offroad.
In the last few years old offroad yokomos have gain popularity and prices have gone up a madly. Here are some recomendations for those who have dediced to spend some cash and buy a used vintage yokomo offroad either here, ebay or wherever.
1. Get some good pictures. A honest seller won`t have any problem sending you several good quality pictures (preferably via email) that shows well the car he`s selling including close shots.
2. Ask about the car, its history how used it is. Again, a honest seller won`t have any problem giving you information about the car.Even if used, are all the parts in good condition? Is there anything broken? Anything needs to be replaced?Etc Have the car parts of different models? Example, is it a works 92 with 93 works towers? Make sure the pics he is sending you are the pictures of the same car.It would be the 1st time that I was going to buy a car and the guy was showing pictures of two different car while he was advertising just one car.
3. Nowdays repro parts have begun to appear. Now whe have wheels, carbon parts, molded wings,bodies (thanks to God)..etc. Ask about if the car has repro parts, or if its all original.
4. Yokomo offroad cars have some critical parts that wear out quickly, specially when they have been used for bashing or with powerfull motors. Make sure of the condition of universals and layshaft pulleys. Make sure the chassis is not chipped and is in good usable condition?

I offer myself to help and assist, Pm me if you are going to buy a car need help.
Any member having any recomendation to add?
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Re: Some advice for newbiers buying a used Yokomo offroad.

Post by jwscab » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:43 am

That really goes for any car, but I know what you mean particularly about yokomos. One other thing is that the magnesium parts are kinda fragile so you expect the bulkheads and carriers to sometimes suffer stripped holes, stuck screws, etc.

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