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Not dead

Post by mk-Zero »

Hey guys. It's been a while! I am still alive and well, just needed a break from RC cars due to other priorities. I started autocrossing my '55 bug and have been really focused on it, plus family, camping, off-roading... You know how it goes!

I have been messing around a bit here and there with the 1:28 scale AE cars. I released a front suspension kit for them recently, and have worked a bit more on some other projects related to those cars. I'll post something up in case anyone is interested... I'm also going to see about designing an aluminum chassis upgrade for those cars. More on that later...

I also recently decided to do another run of B1M parts. I get a message on here, Shapeways, or YouTube asking if they're still available about once a month, so I figured it was time to make them again. I guess this is a re-release then? :lol: I had 10 motorplates made up and already had a stash of rear towers for them. I think this time I'm going to just have people order all the plastic parts on their own from ShapeWays and then I'll supply the motor plates and towers. Last time I supplied everything as a kit. I'll post up something on that when I'm ready to start shipping.

Anyway, hope you all are doing well. Sorry to those of you who's messages I neglected for so long, I think I finally got back to you all.

Brian aka mk-Zero

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