Novak T-4

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Novak T-4

Post by Mazdaj »

My neigbor is moving and gave me all his old RC stuff-mostly late 80's/early 90's. Included was a couple of used Clodbusters-probably enough to make one runner with a bunch of parts left over. Also in the box was a working T-4 ESC. I was going to build a runner for my son-he's young so speed isn't a factor-so I'll probably stick with the silver cans or stock motors that are installed. Can a T-4 handle the twin motors?

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Re: Novak T-4

Post by greazy »

The t4 was the entry level speed control at the time when it was out. I dont think it can handle dual motors. from what I remember you could only do a 20 turn and up single motor with it.

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Re: Novak T-4

Post by ROH73 »

Novak never spec'd motor turn limits back in the 80s; only stating the T4 can handle the "hottest modified motors." I have numerous T4's and have periodically run one of them with 8 cells and a 10 turn double; sounds crazy, but no issues with that hot of a motor. In my opinion, it should be able to handle dual stock mabuchi 540's. Probably no harm in trying as the T4 has thermal shutdown protection.

The manual for the T4 can be found here:



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Re: Novak T-4

Post by MOmo »

ROH73 wrote:Novak never spec'd motor turn limits back in the 80s; The manual for the T4 can be found here:

Its funny, I actually live in Portland near where they live. I have emailed him a couple times, it would be cool to see his collection.

As for the T4, I think I have one, or possibly 2. I was thinking about installing them in a couple of the vintage shelfers I have for appearance.

If you're going to for dual motors, I would look at a Vintage Novak 610 HRV OR Novak Reactor (same case and layout). They are both good down to 12t motors. Both however are discontinued and smaller than the Novak Rooster.
Novak Reactor:
Novak 610 HRV:


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