Kyosho Le Mans Motor Info

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Kyosho Le Mans Motor Info

Post by prp »

From 1984:


From 1986 maybe 1985, always the same:


From 1987, 360ST , 360 GOLD, 240 SB:


From 1988, the SPA 240WS:


From 1989:


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Re: Kyosho Le Mans Motor Info

Post by CNA75 »

That is a fantastically helpful post. Thanks a lot!

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Re: Kyosho Le Mans Motor Info

Post by Asso_man! »

Yup, and if I were a mod, I would move it into the scan section... just my 2 eurocents
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Re: Kyosho Le Mans Motor Info

Post by Mad Racer »

Thanks . Bring back memmories.

I raced with most of the Le Mans motors in mod. We raced for 6 min. ( dont ask why) Mod for 6 min with 4wd and 1200 mh cells. Gee we and i use to dump a lot.

The 480 Gold was ok. the 240 motors were way faster but time you gear it to make run time it was no faster.

The Spa was some what dissapointing as they were no faster than the gold was. Maybe a tiny little bit. More to do so with 1 wind less. Spa 480 was a 24x4 and Gold was 25x4.

The Technigold was way better in our sitiuation. It was a real fast motor. It was in the State title winning PB 2 speed in 88. I was running a Twister in my Mid by that stage. I dumped leading the final leg. No wonder it was a 17x3 .

Kyosho motors were around $80 back than as my Twister was i think $120 a full weeks wage to me.
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Re: Kyosho Le Mans Motor Info

Post by mjtown »

Hi all,

Great thread!

Can anyone please help me with a bit of Le Mans tech? I have recently restored my Turbo Scorpion, and have an Optima Pro project on the go now. I want to work out what ratios are suitable for the Le Mans and Spa motors that I have:

AP36 (same as a 360 Gold)

Does anyone have this info, or know where I can find it?

Also, how can I work out the gearing ratio of the two cars?

Please help!


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