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Re: Corally SP12 project

Post by harold996tt »

V12 wrote:Thanks! Glad you like the Corally. :wink:
This was my second project building a rare car from spares. Actually I was not sure in the beginning if I could finish the car.
There is "some" time needed indeed for a project like this but I found it´s more fun than building a kit. You have to take your time and learn what was used from manuals, partslists etc. also it makes sense collecting pictures about such car. But if you really want to build such car to kit specs, this is another task. At least if you want to use correct hardware what could be more difficult than just looking for spares. The bad thing about such projects, much more expensive than buying a kit.

Meanwhile I did build also a Delta Phaser 1/12 and a RC12LS Euro Spec (near finished) from spares. Newest projects are 1/8 scale cars, starting again with just chassis and a few parts. A RC300, an early Delta 1/8 car and another 1/8, early 1970s. Pictures from the builds later. Other 1/12 projects are delayed maybe for wintertime.
Looking forward to these.. I love 1/8. Still racing them.

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