Who have you met in person?

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Charlie don't surf
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Who have you met in person?

Post by Charlie don't surf »

So I consider myself quite lucky as I have made a lot of friends here, some good ones and some great ones that I talk to on a almost daily basis. I have also been lucky enough to meet a few guys in person, see some gear and run some cars- all without attending the VONATS.

The first member I got to meet in person was Scr8p, he lives about 4 hours from my parents so I detoured on my drive to NY and stopped at his house hung out for a few hours ( had already driven 11 hours before then and had another 4 to go ) got to see his workspace and check out some of his awesome builds. Good times 8)

My buddy Gregg Lowry came and stayed with us for a couple of days on his way to his duty station for the USAF in Dover DE. We hung out, had some drinks, picked on some waitresses and went racing the next day. He got to meet my wife who was really freaked out about the whole thing until she met Gregg. Also a great time 8)

I had an Import the other day as Vintage AE and his beautiful wife Shannon came all the way from Nova Scotia to VA, and then came another 6 hours to hang out that night have a couple of drinks and talk, then Anthony and I ran on the (very green) track at my house. Killer 8)

I have some pics somewhere of Gregg running when we went racing, and I have some of Anthony at the track here to put up-

I still have some closer guys to me here in NC that I look forward to meeting up with (MrLexan in SC, Jake in AL, Harris in FL) not to mention guys in the rest of the counrty

Who have you met?

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by rhino1 »

Nobody :cry: I hope to soon.
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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by RC10resto »

Well Reggie you finally did it :wink:
My first "Board Member" meeting was Dave aka SofaKing. Saw his location under his Avatar and found out that he lived about 4 blocks from me. We have hit some stores together, ran a little in a parking lot and have done some trading 8) Good guy to have around, very good builder.
Did some local horse trading with Gregg aka fordtransman and James aka Metallicats33 = good times.
This past summer on a trip to Chicago I was able to set up another "Board meeting" with Al aka a01butal. We went to lunch and BS'd for a couple hours and also threw in a conference call with Reggie :D Had a great time.
Also, during the past couple years I have stopped by AE and chatted with the master himself Curtis Hustings :mrgreen: He is the man :!:
P.S. also got to meet Gene Hustings :shock:
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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by scr8p »

hmm.... let's see.

First guy i met from the board was Ron (noony). we met up when i was out in detroit for the Woodward Dream Cruise in 2007.

The next batch would include everyone that was at the first vintage nats in 2008. Jay flew up to my place a couple days early, and Hoopty stopped here on his way from Chicago. Main reason for that was because with my health at the time i wasn't 100% sure i was gonna make it, and jay was gonna need a ride up. they also came back to my place that sunday night to crash, and both headed home on monday morning.

At the race in '08, Erich, Brandon, Brian (bscotti), Anthony (aconsola), Scott (MelvinsArmy), Bill (clinehobbies), and i know there was more but my mind is going blank. :lol:

Next would be when Reggie stopped here on his way up to his parents place in NY........ sometime in '09. Don't remember exactly when.

And last but not least would be Robert (ROH73). His parents live pretty close to me, and when he was back in town this past july/august, he and his dad stopped in at Scr8p's Shop.

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by a01butal »

A few years ago I met Keith Carter (call-911) and we did a little buying and selling actually several times. Then a couple of summers ago I went to the Joliet Autobahn racetrack and watched Keith racing his SCCA formula car and at that time met his brother Doug Carter (Eau Rouge).

Last year I met Mike (Fastang) sorry I can't recall your last name. He was working on a job about 15 miles from where I live so he came up and we met at Walt's Hobby shop and also sold him some RC12 parts.

This fall I had the pleasure to meet Brian (RC10Resto) for lunch and a bench session while he was in the Chicago area.

Last year at the big Ihobby show I met forum member Chris (Momo) who was working at the show. That's about all that I can remember and I hope I haven't left anyone out.

This is all very interesting!

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by vintage AE »

As Reggie mentioned, we meet up at his place in NC. Got to help do maintenance on his track, ogle all his RC stuff and then ran some laps later with him and his son Miles 8) . Tell Miles that I'm sorry I couldn't stay until he got back...Miles had to leave. Shannon and I appreciated coming over and would do it again that next time we are down to see her dad.

Many of you know that I get to meet Rod (Slotcarod) quite frequently, even though we currently live over 5000kms away from each other. I work out of Rod's home town of Calgary, Alberta and I live in Nova Scotia and fly back and forth about twice a month. I got to help and will continue to help Rod with his 25yrs of RC10s, which is way cool. I'm soon going to be working on a GoPro mount that will mount on the battery cup for the project. Also, got to build some Yokomo 870c cars for him, since I always wanted one as a kid and never got one. There were multiple 870Cs so I got to keep one :D. So many other things I could post as well, but those are the main things with regards to Rod.

I almost got to meet up with Coelacanth...this can happen if I just let him know when I'm driving through. I will PM you the next time I'm by.

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by Seabass »

I have met Jeff Harris (JHarris) and Ruffy Rios (Ruffy) back in Apr of this year. No one else on the board. Maybe one day I will get the chance to hang out with a few of the other guys here. Hopefully I can make the drive to the Vonats next year giving me the chance to meet a few others.


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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by PBR Allstar »

The only member I've met in person has been Lowery, he came out to the bullring one night to check it out. I do have some phone and text time in with Reggie though.

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by madweazl »

I've yet to meet anyone from this website but some of my very best friends are people I met via a website (glamisdunes.com). We've been duning together now since about 1999. Truly amazing what is possible on the internet. If any of you find yourself in the San Diego area, shoot me a message.

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by RichieRich »

I've only met Daryl Lane. You know, I should get out of the house more. :)

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by markt311 »

I met Brandon (brandonG) through my local track's forum and he told me about rc10talk. We live near each other and have done a lot of racing together, he can still outdrive me though :(

Brandon got me to go to the '09 Vonats, I met Brian Bscotti, Scott melvinsarmy, Aconsola Anthony, hoopty, Erich, reign 79, Freddy- tecnica and his family (thanks for the chicken and rice!) A few more I can't remember.

Then I helped Brandon with the VORNATS, vintage onroad nats at our home track in Nashville. A few brave souls made the trip, Brian and his family, Rick bearrickster and his son. mrlexan made it through the snow and ice.

twiceblownford, I met him by chance at the lhs

I think that's all and lots of pm'ing back and forth with Reggie of course

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by markt311 »

Almost forgot, last year we took a trip to the GA state champs and met Jake- bigjeepz out there. That was hell lol 102 degrees and killer humidity

Aaaaahhhh crap! I'm about to get passed by that orange truck!

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by Bimdapogs »

Cool thread!

For me:
Adam (adam.lancia): I picked up a box of motors from him back in maybe 2007.
Tim (tim.sanderson): met him at Fastcats when I started racing Canadian TCS. Also raced on a parking lot track with the vintage guys.
Ron (Rattlesnaker): raced with him at the 2010 Toronto Hobby Show (no, not in the same main, as he was with the faster guys) and we also met to trade, I got my 94 YZ10 from him, and I sold him my DSLR gear.
Ray (ray042257): Family! we get to hang out every summer for family outings and he's my daughter's godfather. 8)
Paul (RC10Eh), Darryn (bdrmbully) & Luke (slapshot1979): We got to bash for a couple weekends on a dirt track before it got bulldozed. :cry: Though the thought of getting together to bash again is always on the table. Maybe next spring, guys!
David (korky): I got my Pro Radiant and Optima Mid SP from him.

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by RedScampi »

Mike96a and I live in the same town out here in Washington. We've met, briefly, but haven't spent any quality "rc" time together. I've also met and talked to HotRodJosh a couple of times. We met at the local track in Tacoma to swap some stuff and Josh swung by my house to look through my spare parts for a few bits. It was great to meet both of them. I hope to get over to the east coast and meet a few of you someday. It seems like a lot more vintage stuff goes on over there. :mrgreen:

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Re: Who have you met in person?

Post by noony »

Jason (Scr8p)is the only one for me :mrgreen: I would like to get out more but with work and family there's just not enough time. This last year i didn't even get much time to race. :? If anyone is traveling through or visiting the area drop me a pm we can go play at the track just about anytime. www.redlineracingrctrack.com a few friends and i started the track and 2012 will be our 10th year

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