The purging of our inventory

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The purging of our inventory

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Some of you may have noticed we have removed most of our Tamiya, Traxxas and Kyosho parts from the store. We have been selling it on eBay over the last few months. Most of the Kyosho parts and Tamiya parts are now gone. We are doing this to focus on getting money in to make new parts and carry less inventory that doesn't move that fast. I think most people know my main focus for the company has been the bodies and creating new Losi replacement parts. So we did some talking and decided to start clearing out the non-essential stuff. The other stuff was just not worth the time. Taking up too much space and dollars while moving very slow from shelves.

So we have found with a lot of Kyosho and Tamiya parts we could get way more money on eBay. So this has not been to bad of a process so far. I think most people know that we try to price our stuff pretty competitive. Customers don't come to us for those brand of parts and people are so focused on eBay they don't bother to do a basic search on the internet to find stuff cheaper. Heck even people on here will buy from me on eBay when they could have gotten it cheaper from the store. Boggles my mind some times.

So the Associated stuff is next. But really the Associated stuff we have left at this point is not the most in demand items so that might go in lots. If people want the Associated parts, now is good time to get them before they go to eBay. (in the next few days) I think most of our prices for Associated parts are cheaper than eBay. Then when you can combine all the parts with one seller and shipping fee you really save.

Can't wait until it is out the door. So buy lots!

Dan - Find parts for older Losi, Associated, Tamiya and others. - Manuals and information on older Team Losi models

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